Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zuke Lasagne

It's out of the oven, it's hot, it smells devine....did I follow a recipe? No...did I have something to guide me!? Yep! HERE Who gave me the idea? Kate, our new WOOF from Australia. She loves the idea of 30 days of Zuchini and has been helping with the baking and recipe generation!! (OK OK She made the cookies!) I'll take a photo when we start eating.....basically I made spaghetti sauce yesterday (with our tomatoes, minced moose and of course grated zukes) and today used the sauce in the lasagne. I layered tomato sauce, oven grilled zuke slices (salt pepper and olive oil brushed sliced zukes sliced on the funky doodle slicer my mum started buying years ago after a shopping mall demonstration - it's like a handheld food processor and I use it every day!) mozzarella, various odds and ends from my fridge and stuck it in the oven! I went out to the garden - harvested greens for a salad and now wait for 20 mins until we can dig into the lasagne!!! My mouth is watering....
Such a neat day. The kids had an "edible picnic" they picked a variety of stuff from the garden and then chowed down. The are loving the raw corn right now!

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