Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock On!

The excitement started building when we were in our room across the street from BC Place...we could hear the sound checks. We could see a constant river of people flowing towards the entrances. We joined the stream and entered the building. As we walked closer and closer to the stage I couldn't help but to start crying....pretty silly eh? I understand the beatles fans standing there weeping with excitement. We were in the 11th row, 5 people from the centre stage.....and ACDC rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I cried more before the concert than when we had our kids ;) We could see BJ eyes and the sweat dripping from Angus Young....and that guy is INCREDIBLE!!! I had my 10 seconds of fame during Dirty Deeds - upon hubby's shoulders I was on the jumbo tron rocking....lucky for the crowd I didn't flash my boobies! Didn't even know I was up there til it was just over.....
I'm not so shallow really, the best part of the weekend was coming home to my boys!
PS Ok we just found me, it's during "The Jack" (honest I wasn't too far gone!) and we even found a youtube video....I'm at the 1 minute mark....(NOT the embarrassed blond at the start!!)

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Frank said...

Sounds like a rockin' good time!