Friday, August 21, 2009

Time Warp, and not the B52 Kind.....

Corn. King Corn. Agribusiness. diabetes. processed foods. carbon footprint. fossil fuels. plastic. Chemical fertilizers. Mother Earth.
I feel like I'm in some kind of wonky time warp and I missed out on some important information at some point in my life. How come I'm almost 40 *wink* and I only now know what is going on. Does everyone know and choose to ignore it? I'm reading Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemna right now and I find myself gasping at almost every paragraph at the complete and utter destruction we (the royal "humans" we) are causing to our planet. I don't think his message is new - just in a new form, his book. Do people realize it costs 2 calories (in fossil fuels) to farm every 1 calorie of corn? It used to be the other way around. It should be the other way around. Do big business and our governments control our media so much that we are not alarmed or have I chosen to not see what seems to be right in front of me all the time now.
I was telling some friends today about this Wacky Hippy Guy that came to our farm for a tour. Hubby did a small tour that went out and showed our pigs frolicking around our old strawberry patch, the heritage fodder beets (manglewurzles, really) we are growing to feed them, our fields planted with cover crops including legumes to fix nitrogen, our new plantings of strawberries and of course our 1 and 2 year old fields.....a cycle. The Wacky Hippy Guy was a cool guy and started talking about how a big change was coming, soon, and we all better be ready, and we weren't and there was going to be a big big wake up call when it happened. 'It' being when the price of fossil fuel went up. Way up. The taste of which we all felt last year. Kind of a modern doomsday premonition kind of pronouncement. I agreed with him, but didn't REALLY get what he meant. I do now. At the same time there are a bunch of lights on in my house. My dishwasher is on washing bottles to can my organic peaches. I'm sitting at my puter, again. My kids love pokemon and want more more more cards (ok, I love the vocab....and I haven't read Affluenza, yet) It seems we're all really a bunch of hypocrites who will be slapped in the face and mad at our governments for not telling us of what is to come and who will be to blame???
does this muddlement make sense? does anyone get what I'm yapping about?
PS As I finish canning my peaches I taste one. I wish I didn't. The 'organic' peach brought to me here in BC all the way from California tastes NOTHING like the peach hubby brought in from our own tree - the one I couldn't stop eating - the one of three peaches one of our trees produced this year. ARGH!!!!

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