Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Truest Intentions

I first heard the song Truest Intentions as the opening webpage for a local music festival, The Big Time Out.....I was hooked, where did this song come from and who's singing it - I watched it over and over leading up to the festival....(not the opening page anymore....)
Truest Intentions is a phrase that I've been throwing around in my mind lately as I watch my children grow and thrive. I watch the kids of my friends and I watch one friend struggle with the negative intentions of her family. Some of her extended family think she is doing the wrong thing keeping her kids at home. Both have refused to go to school.
As mothers and homeschooling parents we have the Truest Intentions for our children. We only want the best for them, we want them to follow their passions, interests, curiosity and intellect. We want them to do it on their schedule when they want to. By avoiding school I think our kids stay innocent and young longer, have more time for play, read more and have the chance to develop their own direction. As mothers, the LAST thing we want to do is hurt our childrens' futures and to be directly or indirectly accused of bad parenting choices (and I've been at the butt end too) hits us where it hurts the most - How good a mother are we?
Last weekend I saw Kim Churchill play at a smaller venue and in between songs he spoke about each song and the inspiration behind his writing. Truest Intentions was written as he finished highschool, and to loosely quote him he said that when you finished school in Australia at 18 you were supposed to know what you wanted to do and go to uni and do it. Instead of further study he decided to buy a camper van, take his guitar, travel and play music - follow his passion.
Maybe that's why the song was so compelling.
Another song, The Battle of Mr. Shibuya, is as meaningful for different reasons.
I'm pretty set in my musical tastes but this 21 year old ozzie has really resonated with me.....
I sure hope my kids find such a passion.
Now there is obviously a lot more to catch up on....I'll try....