Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too Much Birthday!

Ok, much to my surprise my birthday boy *did* break down at his party. Too much build up excitement games etc. He finally broke down and cried. We planned as many cooperative games as we could - here's the kids doing the scavanger hunt.....and eating the hanging apple with no hands!
It's become common here to have two toonie parties. That is one toonie goes to the kid to pick a gift out and one toonie goes to a charity. I love it. Instead of a pile of "Made in china crap plastic gifts" my kids can choose something they want...and hopefully the charity thing sinks in a little. Surpriseingly some people can NOT come to a party without a gift. To those I said ONE and only ONE hotwheel car, always a hit. Of course to that person it meant one package. of five. Another family brought a "new for him" gift, chosen from unused toys. Ok by me. Of course a big battery driven dinosaur wouldn't be my first choice. :) Another gift, a big hit, was a homemade beaded key chain which was carried around in it's gold case like a treasure all day. It now holds a place of honour on his water backpack. When I asked at bedtime what his favourite part of the day was it was the "opening gifts" *sigh*

We went to the two children's shops downtown yesterday to try and spend his part of the toonies - both reputable shops. Both full of crap. Couldn't find anything worth buying. My kids have way too much. He picked out a plastic wind up froggy thing that swims iin the bathtup and didn't even argue when I explained it was a piece of plastic made in china crap that he didn't need. He just wanted to choose something. I suggested he hold on to his money until something hit him. The store clerk pointed out that playmobile was made in malta (oops I guess she heard me) and that the #*%& was wooden. I said we have enough lego, I don't need playmobile too.....I was pretty bummed at the crap in the shop. I'm becoming jaded. We are ruining our planet with our "Affluenza" and so so so many toys....that kids don't need.......it doesn't help that my mother is a garage sale queen and has filled my house withSO MANY TOYS it is crazy.....must simplify soon.

Later Sawyer realized he wanted "twistables" so we'll go pick them up.....

So today, a friend whose kid didn't make it to the party shows up with a gift. A made in china bought at liquidation world plastic piece of crap 4 c battery piece of crap gift. Did I mention these drive me crazy? I couldn't even be half polite. And I tried. Did I mention that the last made in china bought at LW plastic piece of crap battery driven gift she bought that I reminded her not to as it was a 2 toonie party gift didn't even work and is now in the landfill???? ARGH!!

My party gifts were a notebook and pen. Useful. Made in china. Yes *hanging head in shame* bought at the DOllar store, cute yes. (sorry S forgot to give your girls one each)

Ok I'm a hypocrite.

I hate all the plastic throw out shuzbutt we now are expected to provide at parties.....

Are parties all about mom's competing with each other to have the "best" theme, the best party ever?

Even though I didn't try to my kid still had a meltdown.

I just want to make a cool cake.

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