Friday, August 7, 2009

Not your normal Toilet Roll Art

In my house it is always the "Mystery of the Missing Toilet Rolls" What happens to toilet rolls? There is a constant lack of them in my home......binocs, spyers (telescopes), art?? Yep, art.

My kids discovered that if you wet them you could unroll the cardboard. So they did. Then they discovered that if you laid them out flat they'd dry and stay that way. I love it!

Next, some folding, placement fun and gluing and painting, and VOILA! A totally mummyfree art project!! So cool!

Sawyer, makes these as gifts on a regular basis. He spends a LOT of time figuring out the new shape and then carefully gluing and painting them.
PS Wait until you see the one that appeared today - a huuuuuge airplane's still drying and being glued.....

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