Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ok, after writing an article for a local blog here about choosing curriculum I went ahead and ordered MATHUSEE for my kids. It arrived and I knew almost immediately it was a mistake. We have the PRIMER already and Sawyer seems to like it - and August said he wants the same one - so I ordered alpha, beta and gamma. The books are huge - and look like workbooks. They are workbooks. There is a whole book for single digit addition. Don called out to Sawyer "What's 5+2?" the answer was yelled back. I have to trust trust trust my own philosophy and trust that the kids will learn what they need to on their own time. Why do I have this urge to order stuff? It's going back. (Of course they won't take the DVD and the teacher book back - it's conveniently not shrink wrapped - so even though it hasn't even been taken out of the box I have to keep them) Did I mention hubby is P!ssed at me for not following my own intuition about their learning, you know, the stuff I've been yakking at him about for the last 5 years??
August wrote a book this week. Yep, dictated it to me. A "One to One Mystery" - We've been reading AtoZ mysteries all summer and are at N. The boys LOVE them. The stories are short, the mysteries interesting and solutions not always obvious. So now he wrote about an apple thief stealing apples from our tree and how he figured out the clues to catch the thief. Needless to say I am thrilled. We went to Ron Roy's website and August dictated a letter to me for him. AND WE GOT AN ANSWER. August was thrilled.

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