Wednesday, October 1, 2008

unschooling support group for me

Well after looking at the provincial learning outcomes for grade 2 and seeing that August must be/should be writing full sentences/paragraphs I started to mildly panic as there really is not a chance in H3ll that that is going to happen. And then Math, argh, I can look at the Miquon book (don't get me wrong, I think Miquon is a great system) and I know he knows it....why make him fill out the pages if he can do it? As for printing, it appears when we "play" with letters he knows his letters just fine. As for reading, he reads along and WANTS me to put my finger on the words when I'm reading.....So I am rereading John Holt's "Teach Your Own" reading lots of unschooling blogs and trying to reinspire myself. The first chapter of JH got me feeling better, Rue's pictures of her mushroom adventures made me laugh out loud (see her blog here) and I feel better. I just gotta focus on bugs. Bugs! August's passion right now and all will be ok, I have to trust.
At homeschooling swim lessons today I spoke with another unschooling mother, who really said the right things....and she even called me tonight to see if I felt better. I said to her "We need an unschooling support group" and what I really meant was "I need an unschooling support group" If only I had the time I would make time.....a playgroup for mum's right?

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