Monday, October 6, 2008

Red Heads of the World Unite!!

We had a homeschooling get together for all the kids and families enrolled in our district. I met a new family in town and their 3 kids, 4, 9 and 13.....and the mum has......RED HAIR!!!!!!!! I told her my theory and she said "We felt like outsiders as kids, so we might as well keep it up!" or something to that effect....neat lady. Hope she joins the Support Group Unschooling Lou aka SGUL! (When I was lying in bed after posting this it occured to me that it should be SLUG - Support Louisa Unschooling Group! So I had to come back and add t his afterthought to my post!) She said in Alberta they got the money for educationg their kids with no strings attached like here, and their request to use the money to buy a Kayak was turned down (drat!).......but the request for fly tying materials for her 13 year old as fine arts was approved......2 hours in the pool today wiped out the kids and they've had 2 dinners tonight, one at 430 and one at 630! They'll drop like rocks into bed tonight!

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