Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playdate fun and Rainbow Colors!

Yesterday August went home with his friend Adicus for a playdate. Adi is an intense, interesting, curious, vibrant, energetic little girl who is also homeschooled. She is an only child who craves company of other children and she loves mine. My two older boys take turns going to her house to play. They ALWAYS get good and dirty, and usually have at least one bath before coming home in her clothes. Last time he came home and I got August ready for bed I took off little girly panties suppressing my giggle before putting on his jammies, and THANK HOMESCHOOLING that my little boy has no idea that he would be humiliated at school for this. This time when I arrived to pick August up Adi's mother said to me "I hope you don't mind but Adi has introduced August to the joys of oil massage" She said after their bath, she went into Adi's room and August had purple panties on and Adi was rubbing oil on his back. I THANK HOMESCHOOLING THAT THESE TWO INNOCENTS ARE INNOCENT STILL. And then he came out of the house in her clothes again with a bag of filthy clothes to go home. Did I mention that I have 3 boys? They LOVE colorful clothes. I hate boring dark dull drab clothes for boys, and have gone out of my way to buy the most colorful clothes for them that I can. Actually, I don't buy much, I choose from the sack of hand-me-downs that comes from my cousin via a tonne of other people. She picks the boring clothes, I pick the colorful clothes. As babies I dressed them in borderline androgenous/girl baby clothes, even flowers. As they've gotten older, I've gone to more traditional "boys" clothes but keeping up the theme of bright colors as opposed to Navy, burgundy and dark green. Even now I can get away with colorful socks in rainbow colors and even pink.....probably meant for girls only, but the boys pull it off. (They also have truck and plane socks) I better go to bed, Don has gone moose hunting with my mum and I'm on my own. Did I mention my teacher supervisor will be here tomorrow? Should be fun.

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