Monday, September 29, 2008

Diving Beetles and Snails

We've had them inside for 3 weeks or so. August wanted to get the diving beetle to feed his mosquito larvae too. Not sure if he ate them or not, but our fish sure like the larvae. The snails were cool with long antenna compared to their bodies. And when I poured them all back into the ditch leading to the "frog" pond we had egg blobs in the bottom. Well at least that's what I think they were.....blobs of stuck on clear jello. Neat. the boys found nother wooly bear and the moth that goes with it so constructed 'habitats' for both. New additions to the bug zoo in our house. I got new leaves for the stick bugs and cleaned up their poop. They lay a lot of eggs. I burned them in the stove.

AUGUST is still sick so didn"t do much today> tired and not sure why my keyboard is wonky>

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