Sunday, October 5, 2008

He described me, I'm sure he wasn't there!!

I am re-reading "teach your own" to calm myself before my "teacher supervisor" visits later this week. And I got to page 18. And John Holt described me. This is the new version with Pat Ferenga injecting updates. I'm sure there was no adult in the classroom with me in 1974 when that teacher threw the book at me. I wonder what my parents would have done if I'd gone home that day and told them what had happened? Homeschooling was not an option then. I think my mum may have gone to the school and raised a stink, but to what end?

Today Sawyer (5) was playing with this fake "laptop" computer game called 'compu kidz laptop' with 22 games to teach kids words and letters, it's like they have their own laptop, it's the same shape and everything, (that my SIL gave them for Xmas) - and it turns out they LOVE it, go figure. I swear it's teaching August to spell. And Sawyer in one game pushed a letter on the keyboard and it would say a word that started with that letter and spell it out loud. boring I say. He pushed "Y" over and over and spelled OYOY out on a piece of paper for me!!! Yep, my boy can spell YOYO!!! Then he did "FROG" At his request, I had to help him a bit with the G, (he did it upside down the first time). Go figure that this game would get him writing. And he said he wants to do a word a day. In "Sawyer's Notebook" that we started while watching August do gymnastics on Saturday.......Sawyer drew August upside down on the parallel bars. Pretty neat picture. He always has been my little storyteller, but that is a post for another day....


gotta figure out how to put some pictures of my most precious treasures in here....make it look more stunning! Ok Here goes, some oldies from the summer.....

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