Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red Jellyfish

We didn't bring them home, but we did see them. I've lived on this beach my whole life and never seen boys found 3, and sand fleas, and crabs, and worms, and snails, and shells...It was a gorgeous sunny day, and piano lessons are 3 doors up from the beach, so we get a beach field trip every tuesday morning, and the weather gods thus far have agreed this is a good idea, we've never been rained on yet! Great grammar in that run on sentence eh?

I am so busy taking care of the house, kids, garden, yard, farm, I don't know when I can get time to follow my kids' interest.....but Tuesdays are always a good day. We go to piano, the beach and then head up to the library. I've always got books waiting for me, so it's fun to see what has come in. The boys go nuts at the library (you wouldn't know we had a house full of books by the way they act) and we come home with a good stack. August got a book on motorcycles this week and the CD Ralph and the Motorcycle came in. We've already listened to it twice and they love it! I love B. Cleary! They want more Ralph stories and so do I! Now we're listening to Ragweed by Avi, it's also about a mouse.

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