Thursday, October 9, 2008

August's Tractor Instructions


Today was painting day at our house. We started with a Pig activity from a new Usborne book....

While that was drying in front of the fire, we started a Tractor.

August began taking photos of his tractor as he made it. Here are his instructions:

1. You need to get a piece of blue paper.

2. Then you get scissors

3. Then you cut a square.

4. And then you cut a rectangle too.

5. Then you paint blue and green on a piece of paper.

6. Then you glue the rectangle on. Then you glue the square on.

7. Then you draw wheels.

MamaLou back: August also drew a farmer driving the tractor, probably Daddy, aka Tractor Don. The kids had fun, we haven't finished our pigs, they are drying in front of the fire. It al;ways seems like doing some art is going to take so long and I don't have time, but it doesn't really take that long, and the kids LOVE doing it. My new motto, art everyday, painting etc, I have some really great books with super easy ideas DO THEM!!!!
Our Teacher visit was today. Can you say DISASTER??!! We have a new teacher this year, and last years' teacher was with her. Of course the old remembers all we did last year and asked August to get out his lapbooks, which he hasn't seen in 6 months and asked him to play piano, which he doesn't like to do. And asked if he wanted to show them anything, he didn't, he just wanted to build our new bookshelf. The only one who really performed for them was HOLDY who is almost 3 and not really part of their job.....I felt like a complete failure, but I know I'm not. They wanted to know about Math and Writing, neither of which we do. I explained quietly in the kitchen...that I am waiting for August to decide what he wants to do and that he doesn't want to perform for adults. I was a bit out of it, a head cold, no sleep. So probably made a really horrible impression. And the house looked like a cyclone went thru it, especially with the new bookshelf and all the styrafoam (argh) packaging spread across the living room floor.
Tomorrow will be a better day. It is Holden's 3rd birthday. We're headed to Jumping Gymboree gettogether with the cousins. I made chocolate muffins and we're icing and decorating them at Holdy's request. Stay tuned......

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