Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I did today!

My day always starts in the kitchen (like most) I unloaded dishwasher and dishrack, made grandma dip-dip for the kids (soft boiled eggs with toast fingers to dip) got the kids dressed, fed, teeth brushed, sun tan lotioned. Cleaned out Stick bug cage (Ok we have like 35 stick bugs now.....) and attached Painted Lady Chrysalis' to the side (ordered them online, they came in the mail as tiny caterpillars, munched their way thru their food, got big and now are all in about to emerge as butterflies!). Next, headed outside - fed pigs, dogs and watered Hostas (150 of them in our greenhouse for sale during strawberry season) transplanted some greens to new garden, weeded tomatoes a bit and organized to plant a few more, planted 10 200 foot rows of pickling cukes and 3 200 foot rows of heirloom fodder beets for the pigs later in the season (using a earthway seed planter, awesome gizmo, we use it for all our veggie planting!). Came in and made lunch, cleaned up, played with Holdy, hubby trapped pigs in their house, we moved their fence. (They now have a huge field. It was hilarious as at first they wouldn't cross the line where the fence had been......) We sat and watched the pigs for a while then I had to pick up a new WWOOF from the train station, Kate from New Zealand. Stopped at store - got groceries and picked up large cardboard veggie flats (we sell our strawberries in them) came home made hamburgers, headed out to fertilize the new plantings. Helped hubby pullout 40 foot aluminum irrigation pipes from whereever they were stashed over the winter (ditches, long grass, against fences). Yep, 2 weeks with no rain and HOT weather, we will have to start watering! Then came in cleaned up kitchen, readied dinner. Put kids in bed - went out to help Don set up irrigation, I got there JUST as he finished - great timing! (But then he decided we needed one more lateral, so I did have to set some up....) We did a "flush" to get the wasp and mouse nests out and have it ready to go in the morning. Then we came in and I made lasagne for tomorrow's dinner and cleaned up. Phew! I'm sure I missed some stuff in for my kids??? Hmmmmmmm they were playing around in the ditch for awhile, helped with the pigs, played at the neighbors and did kid stuff. I really don't know what they did all day....but they were exhausted and ready to crash at bedtime, and I'm ready to crash now. We plan to get up at 6 to set the overhead irrigation going. Strawberry blooms are extremely susceptible to botritis and shouldn't be wet, which is why we plan to water first thing so the flowers have the whole day to dry, not exactly best for water conservation. We're starting to think that season may start earlier than we had thought.....we've got some big green berries showing up.....WAHOOOOOOOOO! This is my life these days!

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MamaTea said...

WOW! You are one busy mama! No wonder you collapse into bed at the end of the day. :)