Thursday, May 7, 2009

Head Down Full Speed Ahead

Some days I don't feel like being friendly. I just want to get done what needs doing. Get my errands done, get home to the family. I've been accused of being pushy. Well after 10 years in Hong Kong NO SHIT. I mean in Asia people push to get in the elevator the minute the doors open, and noone's off yet, same with the machine line up? No such thing....just push.....Rainy day downtown??? Put your head down, hold umbrella slightly in front of you and motor, if you make eye contact with anyone YOU will have to move......So there I am with my sister in a mall in Ontario. We motor thru Walmart and when we get to the exit and are walking out to the car my sister says to me "You're awfully pushy you know..." I laughed. I can tell Asian asians, if that makes sense. They push by you on the ferry, on the street, in the shop. So on those days when I feel grumpy I revert to my grumpy head down HK persona. Great. I feel myself pushing...then I have to pull back, stop myself, make eye contact, smile and let the others go first. But what if I don't wanna????
August read the first chapter of his first chapter book by himself today!!!! YAY!!! (I hate to admitt it was a Junie B. Jones...... :)


Ronnie said...

I visited Hong Kong just before the changeover. What I remember most is the shuffle step one must employ to get anywhere. I suppose that's common in lots of big cities.

Yay, August! All sorts of adventure awaits!

SoundHunter said...

holy shmoly strawberry plants! Can my unschooly family come visit your farm and camp there maybe? I know you've asked which island we're on, I try not to type it publicly just to do the little I can to prevent a stalker type from tracking us down. My email is soundhunter at gmail :)