Friday, May 29, 2009


My boys still like their webkinz....and in fact August was quite distraught when his account was winding down and he had to get another one or he wouldn't be allowed to play! (Great marketing, but cheaper than PenquinWorld!) Anyways we got a new Webkinz - the fantail Godlfish, very cute. (And very cute that my boys sleep with them and Pooh Bear in a tight grip!) When I woke up this morning I could hear voices yakking away. I wondered what they were doing and when I finally got up they were both up on the top bunk. I asked what they were doing. I was told they were having a Webkinz Party! Then I watched. Sawyer said, "August, my guys need to meet your new Webkinz" So August put forward his goldfihsh, "Hi, I'm Shiney!" Sawyer marches his Penquin Forward, "I'm a Penquin and I eat fish" *chomp chomp chew chew* and the Penquin tries to eat the Goldfish! I had to laugh!

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MamaTea said...

Very cute! Those top bunk parties happen a lot here :)