Monday, June 1, 2009

Tell me why....

I don't like stress out Mondays! I remember listening to that song as a child when my clock radio went off in the morning, I can picture exactly where I was lying....Every monday I get stressed about all we have to do, but in fact things are moving along well.
We had to get up early (6 am) to get the irrigation going but wouldn't you know it - a kid needed a hot water bottle at 1 am and the DANG &#*%^*#@$^#*^ woodpecker decided to call a mate by pecking on the metal part of our chimney - at 5:06 am, yep it is the most ANNOYING panging sound you can imagine (think 11 month old with metal spoon on frypan) then he quit for a time until 5:55 am. It is so incredibly loud it is hard to describe. I tried to take a picture of him, but he flew away, so apparently this is what I have to do to get some sleep in the morning! We have to get up early tomorrow too, hopefully he has found his one and only!
It was so dang hot today we all got out and worked 7 - 11:30 and then hit the lake for the afternoon, came back and worked a bit more before dinner...It worked out well and we had some HAPPY KIDS!
I'm such a loser, I've been buying and drinking Organic Mint Tea. Yesterday my kids "invented" a new drink. Here goes, first they picked mint from right outside our kitchen door, put them in their water cups, shook them up, and VOILA! a cool tasting drink "Try! It! Mommy!" So tonight I picked a few mint tips, poured boiling water over them, watched the water go green and it is seriously the BEST mint tea I've ever had. Now how to make my ever expanding mint patch last all winter - dry? freeze? HUH!? (Did I mention it is fertilized with left over coffee every morning? What could be better - caffeinated mint tea!!!!!????
On the garden front our corn has poked thru the ground, the soy beans are up, our new asparagus is growing and I've planted Allysum in the garden. I went to a Bug talk the other night put on by the local horticultural society and the best info I got was "buy a flat of white allysum and plant with your veggies to attract all the good bugs" Also "Let your chinese greens go to flower - they attract good bugs too!!" (This happens anyways because at a certain point I can't keep up to the growth...) We are losing our broccoli/cabbage/caulie to the root maggot, BUMMER! I wish I had known to put a "collar" around them, my mum grew them all from seed and she is going to be bummed. Especially as we wouldn't let her plant moth balls under them for the past two years as this is her cure for the dang maggot! (and it works, but at what cost??)
Well enough rambling, I think I'll have some more of this SUPER tea and head to bed, I can tell there is no caffeine in it :)

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