Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blogger copier

I find so many neat ideas on the blogs I the rhubarb compote here - I made it today, of course I doubled the recipe, added a cup of frozen strawberries and had to add extra honey .....It is DIVINE with vanilla yoghurt.....I have a HUGE rhubarb patch (over 120 plants we put in last year - I asked an old local farmer for some of his - I wanted 60, 200 plants later we were a bit overwhelmed......), we are hoping to sell rhubarb with now I have to harvest it ALL now, so that it grows again to be ready with the strawberries......good luck! Rhubarb anyone???

And I found fried Dandelions here - I did the sugar version yesterday and called them Dandelion Doughnuts......they were well like Dandelion Doughnuts, and as one small guest said "they're good except for the yellow stringy things," which would be the dandelions of course ;) I suspect they may be a once yearly tradition.....I've been told they detox your liver....I also found a recipe for and made Dandelion Massage Oil here......Do you think there's any money in Dandelions?? The farmers field down the road is a yellow carpet.........My kids beg me to let them at it but they only get .02 cents for dandelions picked on our farm!!!!

So now I need to come up with something original to pass on.....and I have it....but it's the wrong season. Make your favourite pancake recipe. Get 1/2 to 3/4 cup of frozen raspberries out of the freezer. Smash them up in a ziploc bag, still frozen. Really really smash em up. Add to your pancake batter. Cook pancakes. Add maple syrup. Swoon.....

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