Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Angus Young is one LUCKY dude!

Yep, we had a 3 day trip to Tacoma to see AC/DC.....and it was everything and more. Mostly more.....man they rocked, the stadium pulsed, the crowd roared, the music blared and we didn't stop screaming for the entire show.....THEY ROCKED!!!! What a show!
Regrets? That the kids weren't 5 years older and with us....it was SO COOL to see parents and kids rocking together....
Thoughts? To be 53 and to ROCK ON like Angus did ... Man, he found his passion young. He was working so hard he was sweating a river, and when he stripped down to the jockey's with AC/DC on his butt, highlighted for all on the big screen, it may just have been the biggest roar heard from the stadium all night.....or was it when the played "all night long" or "dirty deeds" or "she's got the jack" or "thunderstruck" Man it was FUN!

Just got a link for an awesome website: http://sandradodd.com/pam/howto

A must read!

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SoundHunter said...

I am jealous, I wish I'd gone to that show in Vancouver, close to us. Of course it kicked butt! I totally look forward to rocking out with my kids one day too :p