Thursday, December 11, 2008

My boys!

This morning after dealing with the ongoing 3 boys bugging each others for awhile at the breakfast table, I said something like "you guys are driving me bananas!!!!" To which Sawyer answered "Mummy, How do you drive a banana??" Which made me laugh!

We took a mini art class at a scrapbook shop - an accordian book that the lady had purchased and then cut a bunch of cool christmas paper to glue on both sides of each page, then some reindeer stamps, part of the rudolph song for one side of the pages and room for xmas pictures on the other side of the pages. Very cute little book. The 2 big boys got right in there with the glue, it was all very systematic and not much room for creativity....but of course they found a way, coloring over the words with felt pens, coloring with sparkly pens then felt over top to make sparkly colors, coloring over the neat scrapbook know, making a very Martha Stewart project their own. What were the little girls doing? Sitting quietly following instructions with nicely colored reindeer.

Just like the Piano lessons August was in the last two years. A cool program called Music For Young Children, which is group based with parent involvement. August was the only boy. All the "homework" he did was big scribble scrawls...and all the girls' had beautiful colored and glued and cut stuff. The difference is startling and unexplainable if you don't have the Consignment store today I said something that sparked a conversation. (I bought shrink art but wasn't sure my 7 year old could do it as his fine motor skills weren't that great....and she agreed that her son was the same - the conversation went on.....) The lady had 2 girls and a boy, she was like "yah, tell the boy to go brush his teeth, like 8 times, then go and see what they're doing and they're filling the sink with water and floating things" I remember reading something by Eddie Murphy years ago to the effect that you better have your boy first or you'll think there is something wrong with the boy if the girl comes first. Homelearning mommies with girls have it easy, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

BTW Shrink Art went over WELL here!!

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