Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't know yet

August figured out how calenders worked today....spent a bit of time working out what day of the week Christmas is, what day it is today and tomorrow. Cool.
He also wrote me a shopping list. Mouse traps and bag of 75 chocolates (for the advent calenders we made.....) His spelling was interesting but I'm SO HAPPY HE WROTE SOMETHING!!!
My dad is 82 and getting old. He had a hip replaced 10 years ago, a quintuple bypass and a bout of prostate cancer. His eyesight is almost gone, his hearing is bad and basically he's quite unhealthy and the hip is starting to go again. He falls, regularly. He falls asleep, regularly. He spends 1 or 2 nights a week here and I do all his banking, shopping, etc with him. He lives about 25 minutes away, which makes for an hour round trip not including errands. I am getting concerned about his hygiene and eating habits and afraid he may fall and seriously hurt himself and not be able to get help. However, he also has his pride. So I got his Dr. to call him in, without letting on it was me behind the appointment. I was then informed he had a dr's appt. So I hand the receptionist a list (handicapped parking tag, lifeline, homecare, hip problems, falls regularly, asthma, etc.) and softly say (my dad cannot hear me) please don't let my dad know I've given the dr. this list, he has his pride. So 5 minutes into the appointment the doctor calls me in, and with my list in hand, and with my 3 boys pinging around the small room, he goes over the list with my dad and I. I am steaming mad at this point (and afraid of what my dad would say to me).....I leave the room and get mad at the receptionist, in a totally disrespectful manner, which I am trying to change about myself. My dad comes out a little while later, we make appointments, fill out forms and head out to take him home. What does he say to me now?? "Wow, that doctor was certainly organized eh?"
He didn't/couldn't see that the list the doctor was using was from me........
Now I find out one can make an appointment to see one's parent's doctor to discuss ongoing issues. Wish I had known that.

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