Friday, December 26, 2008

Nice Christmas

The kids were soooooooooo darn cute....August left a wordsearch for Santa "find egg" and Sawyer made a little book for Santa in an envelope....and August went out and dug fresh carrots for the reindeer....No mean feet as there is 40+ cms of snow on them and halfway thru we got a call from the neighbor that a bear had headed in our front gate. I ran out screaming for him to come in.....and then we all watched the bear meander down the field, past the veggie garden to the back and over the fence into the neighbors.....very cool.....
Everyone behaved and we had a 21lb free range turkey cooked a la martha stewart with a cheeseclothe over the breast soaked in white whine and butter, and basted every hour OH. MY. GOD. the BEST BEST BEST turkey I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!
The kids didn't get too many gifts and seem thrilled with everything, played and played and played today with all their gifts. Pretty funny when the bionicle with the slashers and shooters has to go ask his mummy if he can go on a playdate.......
Happy Holidays All!

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SoundHunter said...

aw, your xmas sounds like it was just lovely~!

I completely feel this from a previous post of yours "I often think how much more organized my house would be, how much more time I would have to cook/clean etc if my kids went to school.....".

As for what island we're on, it's a southern gulf island that you didn't list :p I had an offline stalker previously so I'd rather not specify publicly but I'd email it to you! There's an event coming up here that I'd love to invite off-island unschoolers to, email me and I'll let you know about it