Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas. is. wonderful. right???

Do mother's never quit? And I mean MY MOTHER. ARGH!!! We just spent a couple of nights with her and we heard non stop "when are you going to cut their hair, they look like girls" and "make them clean up their mess" and "poor Sawyer, he's never been to school to meet friends." I have NO IDEA where that one came from....but she elaborated, of course. I guess she feels August went to K and met friends and Sawyer has never had the chance. Yep, my poor socially inept Sawyer - he's going to suffer forever because he's not in school (if you knew him you'd know this was completely laughable.....) and to top it off August has no friends from K (read back to read about his K class) and in fact the class was a bit of a disaster.....So I really have NO IDEA where my mum was coming from except this is her new tactic.....The old "homeschooled kids are not socialized...." Don't get me started. Hubby was complaining/venting to our neighbor who said "wow, i need to sit down and tell her about all the things my 10 year old daughter is exposed to at school that I wish she wasn't....." (AND when she is 13 she'll be at high school with 18 year old guys in the new configuration, great.)

Now, to top it off, my mom is pulling the guilt trip, poor me, I'm not appreciated, I'm so hard done by, my kids are so evil, trip on us and it's CHRISTMAS for CHRIST's sake. Now apparently she's pissed because my dad is going to be here (you know the 82 year old, who's birthday is the 24th, who's housebound due to snow, blind and deaf, sleeps in the chair most of the time and used to be married to her.....and yes, they have been coming to my house together since we moved here, and she's even had him out to her house for dinner with us....) and she was here last year and he wasn't and she made a scene because the stuffing everyone loved she hated because it had raisons in it......I digress. Christmas is great isn't it? Oh but, it's HER TURN THIS YEAR NOT HIS, REMEMBER, I 'changed the rules' apparently. Wow are you confused yet? There's more, way way more, but I won't bore you with details....

We (hubby and I) have determined to be the adults and I phoned her tonight to make peace. Impressed? Makes me want to ralph, quite frankly. She must have seen my number and didn't answer.

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Pam said...

Ahh, yes, our mother's concerns. I often have to "teach" my mother about there being something known as tact. "Think before you speak". Obviously our mothers are bothered by a great deal of our lifestyle choices...fear of the unkown or perhaps it's something so far removed from their own ideals. I'm intrigued by what exactly bothers your mom about their hair? Does their hairstyle embarrass her? Does she think the look causes or might cause the boys emotional pain or harm? Is it a reflection on her or them or you? Social behaviour is fascinating. My MIL carries the most disappointing tone in her voice when I tell her that in our house, Christmas is over on Boxing Day. Since the dinner on Christmas Day is like the holiday finale, everything gets put away the next day and we're done. This isn't what she would do, if it were her. I don't understand how she can be so completely affected and disappointed, by my choice to end the holidays on the 26th, but she is.