Saturday, July 17, 2010

Strawberry Season almost over!

My 4 year old with his beautiful berries.....One day he sat in a row and picked 8 pounds...all I could see was his hat and a trail of slug bitten berries in the aisle behind him. I sold his berries. I sold the berries above too....
When the picking is good here it's really good! However our yields were down about 25%
Mother nature needs a good whupping! How dare she frost us then rain the ENTIRE bloom period????

The Pacific Northwest berry report says as much....lower yields, smaller berries and a bumper crop in.....

Yep, that was what I did while supervising the field....
I picked up slugs. Gallons of them. Happy happy ducks. Efficient conversion of slugs ----> fertilizer
I left these jugs in the shop behind my cashier (who also happens to be neighbor lady)......and went back in after awhile and yelled
"I TOLD YOU to not let them get out".....
She doesn't like slugs.
She quit.
I mean I fired her.
I mean we had a good laugh.....
I was directed by my employee to get them the heck out of the shop before I took the picture or I'd get the whupping!
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