Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monsanto Magic

Today we held an Open House on our farm as part of the 30 day Eat Local Food Challenge
We had a steady stream families show up to see the farm animals, pick strawberries and, best of all, run through the farm sized sprinklers.
The local radio station set up its live broadcast by the Green Team.
Of course Don and I sat with Lynn around her table while people arrived for berry picking, sprinkler fun, animal visiting and tractor climbing. The conversation revolved around our farm eating local and of course pesticide use.
Monsanto was mentionned.
She knows all about Monsanto....and her story made my guts churn.
She grew up in the 70s in Saskatchewan in a group of 35 homes around a park. One park of seven that was part of some field tests. Field tests for weed controlling chemicals by - you got it - Monsanto. Once a week they were spraying and the kids were playing. Kick the can, hide and go seek, eating the white part of grass shoots, daisy chains, frisbee.....
And now 21 of those 35 households have cancer. She herself is 10 years clean and 6 of her 7 siblings have battled cancer as well. Most of the cancers are clustered in the last 10 years...
A very very scarey story.
The very company that developed Agent Orange produces one of the worlds most popular herbicides, GMO seeds and is trying to patent a gene in a pig. Is that not a sentence that should make everyone sit up and pay attention to what is happening to our food?


Theresa said...

I live in New Jersey, USA and I know about Monsanto. Still get chills. So sad.

My husband is a plant scientist and years ago he was hired to run a rather large nursery and tree farm. He tried to implement an IPM program, but the ornery old owner was proud of a stash of chemicals in unmarked containers that he'd had since who-knows-when. My husband quit.

jane said...

Oh, Monsanto is a sore subject for me too. If you go up and down my road there is not one family without someone who has died of cancer. I am in a farming community that believes more chemicals the better and I have roundup ready corn surrounding me. But on a better note, you stopped by my blog and said you will do a post on your greenhouse tomatoes. I would love to see that. I started out triming the suckers, but then I got busy with outside stuff and the greenhouse suffered a bit so I have super out of control tomatoes:) I love greenhouse pictures!