Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally Some Veggies!

Last year I had so much to harvest I went a little crackers....This year I planted less and now I'm paying - wishing for last year. We had a long cool spring which slowed everything down. These are my first zukes....
My squash plants last year looked like a jungle and we just finished the last few. The chickens and pigs had some, my friends had some and the compost pile had some - It's hard to finish more than 350 squash in one winter!!!! They are starting to come this year, but it will not be as bountiful as last year!
My eggplants have barely grown since I planted them and have just started flowering. I doubt I'll have any....
Ditto for the peppers....but my fingers are crossed!
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Now salad greens I can grow, and I love taking pictures of them. MMMMM Salad! I've lost count of the number of plantings I've done....
Woo hoo Cauliflower! One from our second planting and the third planting is in already!
Bush beans are pole beans are pitiful!
My fava/broad beans...loaded. The tall ones are the "rogue" seeds the rest are dwarf....(My pole beans usually cover and grow over the orange fence in behind......mensch!!)

Snow peas, snap peas and pod peas are all starting to kick in. I have second and third plantings on the go - I love peas! So do my kids - haven't had any in the house yet!!!

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