Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So last night as I struggled to get 3 high energy boys into their jammies and out to the tent where they were sleeping for the night, I had a "out of the mouth of babe's moment"
I must have said to Sawyer on 3 separate occasions as I got teeth brushed, laundry on, jammies on etc. "get your jammies on" and finally I went out to the tent and brought him back into the house to get his jammies on. I was tired (party here on Saturday night) and grumpy and lectured at him (I know I know lecturing doesn't work) "Man, just for once I'd like to say 'Get your jammies on' and you would run and get your jammies on...." and he looked at me with his little pixie face and twinkling blue eyes and said, "Mummy, then I'd have to be a robot. Do you want a robot?"
Quite frankly I don't. I want my Sawyer. And he reminded me I'm trying to encourage them to live fully and freely. No I don't want a robot. Thanx bud.

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