Monday, May 3, 2010

Out they go!!!

Don and I always work best under pressure and after the fact. Why do we try and reinvent the wheel? There is a reason that people have their brooders and chicks in the barns and sheds...what were we thinking having them in the house? The smell. The noise. The smell. The disintegrating box. The smell. ARCK
We happen to have a barn. In the barn is an insulated "cold room" probably used by previous farmer guy to store bulbs and plants. We don't have much in it. There's no windows and the door to outside is blocked. Access is from inside the barn.
We put an electric radiator heater in the room this morning.

So we clear a space, put down a piece of plywood, build a wall, put up bracing for lights...and out went the birds!

Farmer Don making sure the babes don't have "pasty butt" - He checked a few of them.

Comfy looking babes....

When they sprawl out to sleep you have to double check that they aren't sprawled out dead!!

The darkheaded guy above just to the left is a turkey! We will have to separate them in a couple of days as turkey's need different food....more protein...!

No that white thing is NOT food and NOT a place to sit!

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