Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Goslings Arrived!

And this cutie patootie is not ours....a "tufted" goose, it had a lot of character. Doesn't he remind you of a toe headed kid in "Little Rascals"? I wanted to kidnap it and keep it he was so darn cute....but when you order with others to share costs I guess you have to hand over their babies.....I have hopes that we can trade goslings next year.....

Our chinese weeder geese.....small yellow guys....
They LOVE us. My sister's hubby Greg picked the geese up in Sumas,WA for us. We thought all the paperwork was in order. The phone call came.....desperate....but Greg being the diplomat that he is managed to get the info we needed so we could get the info he needed to get the darn geese into Canada! Who knew!?
Their kids socialized these geese VERY well. (I'm sure there's some snappy quip I can make about socialization here, but it alludes me.....EEEEEEAnyways......) The geese yak up a storm when we come into the brooding room and outside they run after us in the pen (which is WONDERFUL!). They were outside for ages today LOVING it! They even had a bath!
The brown guys are the ducks, who love the geese. Slugs and Weeds begone!
See the hunky farmer guy who was NOT going to order goslings from the states.....He loves them too....
I hope they're still neat when they're big!
Snappy socialization comment: Apparently socializing with not only your peers but those of other species, ages and sizes makes for some super nice geese. That tranlates pretty nicely for homeschoolers, eh?!

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