Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ignoring ALL the signs to the contrary...

Has this ever happened to you? You get something set in your mind and your brain ignores all evidence pointing or even BLARING FULL BLAST to the contrary??? LIKE ALL POSSIBLE CLUES THAT YOU HAVE YOUR DATES TOTALLY WRONG????
So we have homeschooling "Camp" this week. The boys talk about it all year and LOVE coming. The district we are registered with sets it up at a bible summer camp about 2.5 hours from our home. Kids and families of all ages registered with the district come and activities are organized every day with lots of free time and choice. There are talent shows, spelling bees, group games, movies, dancing, campfires, night games, boating, hiking you name it. It's fun. The rooms are family style dormitory.
So for the past 2 years we've gone Mon - Tues - Wed 2nd week of May, so when we get the email this year I ignore the dates and write it on our calender for Mon-Wed.
Emails come in with itineraries, I sign the boys up for the talent show, I skim emails and the boys get more and more excited. We leave Monday morning for camp leaving two woofs in charge of the farm.
We arrive to an empty camp. The boys burst out of the car with wild abandon like kangaroos set free from the zoo ready to run and hide and play in the glorious sunshine.....
Hmmmm says Don, are you sure it's today?? Kind of in a tongue in cheek kind of way....
The delayed light bulb goes on. VERY delayed lightbulb. That's me, delayed.
Oh. My. G*d!
You mean the talent show on Thursday night wasn't a typo?
The dates 19-21 NOT 17-19 mean something?
The facebook entry by their teacher-facilitator that said something along the lines of "hope the weather is good wed-thurs-fri for camp!!" I read the night before we left wasn't a mistake?
The intinerary I looked at for arrival time with the big WEDNESAY across the top was correct???
Seriously I missed a lot of obvious clues, most of which were very obvious. If you'd asked me the dates we were going I would have said 19-21 and I even told people that's when we were going, but that was MONDAY the 19th!!!
How does one's brain do this?
Sawyer wouldn't get back in the car, Holdy wailed for 45 minutes and Hubby, well, he was more than ticked. We can't afford a day off at this time of the year (farming), let alone 3 for much to do so little little time.
The woofs tink we're nuts when we arrive home.
So many chances to catch my mistake missed....
So what have I learned....your brain can trick you.
And today, before editing this post I wrote last night, I got a Yahoo Reminder that my teacher-facilitator is coming for her "visit" today, which is actually next thursday, because I booked it in my mind for the thursday after we get home from camp (not to mention the DOCTOR and DENTIST appointments I had to reschedule.....)
We are often prisoners to "cliched" mindsets even if evidence points another way, PAY ATTENTION. This can apply to a lot of life in general. Think about it.
Kids must go to school when they turn 5.
You must go to university to be successful. (I was raised this way)
Boys must have short hair.
Boys must not wear flowery purple jammies. (For the record mine do!)
Punishment makes kids learn.
My list could go on, you get the picture....

At least I could say we arrived first.

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