Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Market, To Market.....

8 of our 12 piggies went to market Sunday, or should I say, took a ride in the pony carrier to the slaughterhouse. We had to take two trips and really it was uneventful.

The first 4 pigs were in and set to go before I was out of the house and the second 4 went in and out various times, but eventually we gottem! Houdini be gone! (That's his black spotty butt above! Such a bold adventurous pig!)
It was getting a little muddy with all the rain lately - rest assured they had a good life! Apples, beets and pumpkins daily!
I'm actually a bit sad. These pigs had character. They had identities, they weren't all pink. And I still love their tails.
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The kids want to know when we get some fresh pork. Yep, they're farm boys.

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mamak said...

That must be some awesome bacon and tenderloin!