Monday, October 26, 2009


We've been battling a minor flu here - the little guy is quite sick and has had us up a couple of nights in a row. Zombie Momma and Poppa. Don't know if it's H1N1 and feel powerless to find out any real unsensationalized information about the flu, vaccine and pandemic. On one hand we hear that it is an over reaction - no worse flu than any other and on the other you hear of healthy people getting pneumonia and dying. What is the truth? A vaccine developed by a pharmaceutical company whose main investor is Donald Rumsfeld? Is this true or another rumour in the grand mill? Then there's the whole "who gets vaccinated" and the resulting trends data - ie. healthy people tend to get vaccinated therefore it tends to work skewing the data. I heard a canadian doctor on the CBC - the ex medical officer of one of the provinces saying it's a HUGE OVER REACTION.....and that it's no different than any other flu. Follow the money. Is he right? Who knows? Do we EVER know the truth of anything? Here is a prime example of the media and news being filled with H1N1 and we don't even know what to believe. What does this say about everything else we hear about? Does it remind you of certain election results and fox news?
When will the real data be published?

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mamak said...

I think it's an overreaction, personally. BUT tell that to parents whose kids didn't do well....I dunno, I am confused, but we are def avoiding the vax. I am sure we'll get it at some point, I am pretty sure we'll be fine. It's hard because I just want my kids to be fine! I hope you guys get well soon. Hang in there!