Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Story of Stuff part 3 bazillion

So it's August's 8th birthday (OMG HOW did that happen???) and he mentions that he really wants a digital watch. Since Daddy is always hunting for the October birthdays I head off to Walmart *ducking head in shame* and pick up a Casio, buy it and then see a different kids' watch. Red and black (August's fav colour) and the zinger, it had monster trucks on the strap! So I pick that one up and buy it intending to take the first one back - but the line up was too long so I kept both. Birthday comes and birthday boy is thrilled with his watch that daddy picked out for him. It lasts 36 hours. Yep. 36. Strap breaking up. "What does limited warranty mean Mummy?" Piece of crap. Buy cheap buy twice. I'm really ticked. I can't find my bill. I am now being harassed by the 8 year old who wants to take it back.....So I give him the Casio watch telling him I went while he was sleeping (white lie) and today take back watch #1. What does the clerk say? 'It's cheap, you get what you pay for' and "Everything here is cheap" AND "Nothing is made here." (meaning North America.....). They have a whole rack of the watches in various forms - ballet, superman, cars... The watches will be bought for xmas and returned, and dumped in the landfill. And if you don't have your receipt, and they have none left, they can't refund you the money without the bar code. Fortunately I bought it on Friday, gave it to him Monday and returned it Wednesday and they still had some. Time to get a receipt shoebox.

Where is the responsibility? Where are the laws about quality? Why are companies allowed to make stuff that will break? Why are big companies allowed to import stuff that will break? Why do we, the taxpayer, have to pay to fill our landfills? Where is the consumer responsibility? I'm an idiot, that's me, what was I thinking buying this cheap watch, will I never learn? There is really no such thing as a good deal unless you find a cool iron stovetop heavy old pancake griddle at a garage sale. The story of stuff and their blog here.

Now why have I never heard of a DIVA CUP until I'm in my forties???? OHHHHHHHHHHHH yah, because it's not something that has to be purchased over and over and's actually GOOD for the environment.................

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