Saturday, October 3, 2009

My mother the (69 year old) 8 year old

So here's the promised "mother" post. My mother. The child. Man like I don't have enough on my plate already with homeschooling, farm, harvesting, gardening, ok no housekeeping.
Today was August's birthday party nine days ahead of his birthday which falls on Canadian Thanksgiving. No party would be successful on thanksgiving weekend so we planned early. I did not consciously invite or not invite my mother. She doesn't really like hoards of over excited children and can make things worse when the dreaded "too much birthday tears" start.....She knew we were having a party and was even asked by a friend at my house on Friday if she was coming. She didn't come in the house and say "is it ok if I come" or "I'll come tomorrow, what time" or "Is there a reason you didn't ask me" or "You bozo you haven't invited me" or "I want to come!" No, she waits until 5 o'clock today (party is over) and then phones and gives me and hubby complete shit for not inviting her. Oh for CRYING out loud. Really. What is that supposed to prove? Ok I was a complete child too and hung up on her.
I don't know where to go from here except to say I find this behaviour completely mindboggling. Why she didn't address this Friday (yesterday) I have no idea except to prove her point. Her "My feelings are hurt" made me angry more than anything. This is the story of my life, my mother pulling drama after drama on me at exactly times I DON'T need it (Christmas last year, my birthday, during the summer, during the winter....non stop actually). For such an interesting and dynamic woman it does get a little exhausting.
So I hope hubby has fun on their moose hunting trip starting Wednesday morning. They're driving up together and staying in the camper trailer together.
On a more positive note, the birthday party was fun. As usual the weather behaved and all the kiddos had fun. I've learned over the years how to make sure everyone has a good time. The favourite balloon hunts (all over the farm) and balloon relays a bit hit as usual. The week after halloween I have a party for the 4 year old who also has a birthday on Thanksgiving weekend!
Highlight of my day? August reading "Hundreds of Silly Jokes" to us at the dinner table. You know, the kid who pretends he can't read....and then at before bed reading time he took the part of Brother Bear in the "Bike Lesson" And he did it well.

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