Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Houdini Escapes.....

Fall is here....our spectacular maple tree puts on a great show every year, but this year it is outdoing itself - the warm weather and clear skies slowing the show down. Today was the first nasty day of fall with torrential rain all morning. Luckily it 'Wildspirt' was cancelled for today so I took the boys to the pool for homeschooling swimming day. They had a blast. My eight year old I barely looked at and only when thinking to myself, 'gosh, I'd feel really bad if he drowned' No worries really he was diving and swimming around like an otter. He seems to know his own limitations and knew when he was tired and time to go back to the shallower pool. Sawyer is also able to swim in deep water. He didn't know he could but there were no life jackets so we had to go without into the deep end.....WOWZA that was a surprise for both of us!
Then, when swimming was done, and we were all relaxing in the lobby, refuelling when my phone rang. It was my neighbor, again. I'm like "Ok, where's the bear?" (It was almost in the pig pen on Monday!) She says, "You've got bigger problems" Your gate is closed and there's a note on it....

Thank you Canpar Steve!!! Yep, all but one were out. I raced home, drove in and as I shut the gate the 200 pounders recognized me and came running at me and the car. A little frightening without an electric fence to stop them. When one started head butting me (APPLES! NOW!) I got a little nervous and jumped back into my car....and drove down our driveway yelling "Heeeeeeeeerrrrrrree PIIIGGGGGGGGY PIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGY!" It must have been quite a sight seeing an SUV followed by 6 galloping 200 pound pigs.....I wonder what the neighbor's thought? Oh yes, she already thinks I'm nuts AND she's waiting for me at my house with her daughter. The other 5 pigs were in my garden, carport, back door area etc. We get some food in buckets and start calling them to their pen. The pig left in the pen is running up and down the fence squealing. He's not happy he didn't get a joy run. At the pen I lift a pole and dump food in, the pigs in batches are pushed, booted, chased and cajolled back in. It is a funny thing to see an 8 and 11 year old chasing 3 pigs around and around the house until the pigs figure out home is much more relaxing and head back to their pen. They had rooted a pile of dirt up over the electric fence and shorted it. Unfortunately, Houdini has rediscovered the joys of escaping and has since re-escaped. I suspect he will be a problem until his date with destiny next week. Luckily, he seems to think the best food is in the cover crop field NOT the nice strawberry fields on the other side of his pen.....What a day! What a day!
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