Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Fun

The kids grew their own pumpkins again this year with the best results yet. The superb weather, new ground, drip irrigation and diluted little boy pee helped their pumpkins grow ENORMOUS. We had 76, 79 and 83 pounders all looking huge. The 77 pound one actually looked the biggest but was lighter.
We found out why – the heavier pumpkin had TONNES of wet heavy stuff inside. The other two not much.

The boys had great fun carving, extracting seeds and getting their heads stuck inside!

You can see the progression their ages and the amount of the actual carving they did themselves. It didn’t help that these pumpkins had about 4 inches of flesh!! It was tough!

Holdy wanted square eyes. Sawyer laughed and said this pumpkin had watched "too much TV" August said the pumpkin was sad because the TV had been turned off! Greeaaaat!

Daddy helped but I designed it!

We got a small pumpkin and cut it in half to look at the seeds. The boys exclaimed “It looks like a pizza!” I thought it looked like the segments of an orange.

We saved the seeds for eating and growing next year. We'll see how much Monsanto had to do with the hugeness of these pumpkins I guess!

All the pumpkins had big flat spots on them, next year we’re going to try and set them in position for growing. August thinks the stems will break if we do this. We’ll experiment.
We did cut off extra growth past the set fruit so the pumpkin plants could concentrate on one pumpkin each. (Ok Ok we had 4 but one rotted in early September…the piggies loved it….)
Next year we’ll take a closer look at the pumpkin flowers and watch the pollinators more!

Now are there any takers on the 10 totes of squash I have in my house???? It was a banner year here for squash and we don’t want squishy squashes! D??

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Those are whoppers of pumpkins! Too funny that they got stuck inside. :)

Thanks for sharing your pumpkin stories.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom