Saturday, June 6, 2009

Things I now know.....

As a mom of 3 boys here are a few things that I thought of today that I didn't know before I had kids.....I'm sure I could come up with a lot more with time!
You cannot uncut toast.
If they find a cool stick, it will become a gun.
If you give them water they will want milk, and vice versa.
If you put ketchup beside their eggs they want it on top, and vice versa.
They wake up at bedtime.
If you buy three spray bottles for them to play with, you will spend the rest of the day dealing with kids mad because they were sprayed.
If there is mud somewhere out there, they will find it.
If there is no mud they will find bright pink chalk.
Bright Pink Chalk is hard to wash off arms and legs.
Rubber boots are to check how far in they can go before the water pours in.
Ooops! Nope! Rubber boots are to see how stuck you can get in stuck that the boots may have to be left behind!
If you throw something out one of them will ask for it the next day.
If you leave a boy alone with a digital camera inevitably there will be a picture of poop on it.

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