Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holdy's Ladybugs

Each morning as we weed each row of strawberries we see hundreds of ladybugs all shapes, sizes and colours. And Holdy loves them. A LOT. We have to catch all we see for him and he puts them in his ladybug container. Even ones on top of each other - "It's ladybug mating season mummy" Sawyer found a black ladybug with red spots. I have a picture to prove it! (Coming I promise, when Don has a free minute to move our main computer out of the guest room!) Holdy proudly carries his ladybugs everywhere carefully in his " 'tainer" and then, after a couple of days SURPRISE we have ladybug eggs.....I only hope he hasn't left his tainer out somewhere and cooked the eggs :) I'd like to infect our plum trees which are prone to aphids with the larvae....I saw a larvae out there on a strawberry plant today, they can MOVE...I was surprised, I expected a slow moving caterpillar type thing...but I guess it is a predator, and predator's move fast.
Big news on the reading front August read "The Twits" to Sawyer today. Yep Roald Dahl! And with very little instruction or prodding. Unschooling works!

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