Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 Reasons to buy organic!

I love this website and I love his reasons......

10 Reasons

Notice how it's all about the health of our planet...which is our reason for changing the way this farm is run!

Reason #1

We were eating dinner. I cooked cauliflower, the first harvest from our garden and some leftover from the store. August says to me, "Mummy, why does this cauliflower taste different?" I said it was from our garden and asked for a taste (I was eating store bought) and OHMYDOG, it was comparing apples and oranges, the flavour and sweetness of the cauli from our garden!

I don't have to go on......

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MamaTea said...

We had a similar experience here with lettuce just a couple days ago.

"Mom, what's up with this lettuce? It looks so...different."

"Its from the garden, not the store."

I can't so much as stand the smell of those Dole prepackaged bags of crispy chemical "lettuce". Its been years since we bought any of that. Even so, the difference between the heads of lettuce at the store and the lettuce we pick out back is phenomenal. It makes me want to run out and stand on the roadside and say, "Seriously, you gotta try this!"