Friday, June 5, 2009

Evolution of an Organic Strawberry Farm - Part 1

When we left Hong Kong for Canada we promised our kids there would be trees to climb. In Hong Kong trees and lawns were for show, and playing on them was frowned upon. We wanted property and fresh air. I wanted my kids to find frogs and robin eggs. Build forts and play kick the can. Make mud pies and grow sunflowers. I wanted to open the door in the morning and wave goodbye to their backs as they rushed off to do whoknowswhat! I wanted to ring a cowbell or bang a gong at dinnertime and hope they were still alive and kicking, ok I digress. We were trying to escape the rampant pollution, the acid rain, the meat and fish fed carcinogens and sold to the HK people, the fruit and veggies sprayed with who knows what and really for fresh air. The pollution was sickening (and my kids were ALWAYS sick). When we got to Canada and started looking property prices had soared and everything was JUST out of our reach. Buying a property with an income seemed like a good idea, and someone (sometimes I'd like to shoot him) told us strawberry farming was easy. We didn't know then it would become a lifestyle for us and an epiphany of the harm man can impose on the good earth.

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