Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Learning all the time....

My husband learns all the time. He wants to figure something out, he researches, asks those who know, tinkers and figures it out. Right now he's installing our neighbors pergo floor in their brand new house. He's never done this before. He's never farmed strawberries before either, and we've owned a strawberry farm for over 3 years now. Can you imagine the things he's figured out? Tractors, PTOs, irrigation, fertilizer, planting....tractor implements. While I just thought it would be cool to own a farm. After taking a week to plant 4500 strawberry plants by hand he found a transplanter rusting at the back of a friends farm, negotiated for it, ordered parts (it was designed in the late 1890s and not modified much since then) and refurbished it. It now takes us one day to plant 7000 plants. Manure spreader? yep, this one was built in 1939.....he's reconditioned it too. Rock Picker? (We live on boulder hill, don't ask about the rocks that truly DO grow here.) Yep, got one of those....he's rebuilding some of it right now. Let's get pigs honey....Build a pig house we can move with our tractor. Check. Oh, for inside the house.....pinball machines, yep we have 8 or 9 in various states of working order. Jukebox? That was a weeklong project in September - take apart, clean, categorize......Antique Tractors?? We've got 2. 1940s era.....One in pieces in the barn. Why do I bother to worry if my kids will learn on their own, look at their father :)

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