Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turkey Lurkey

Please please let me out of the barn, I promise I won't find a way to die, PLLLEEEEEEAAAASE!

Hay guys, I'm pretty sure that big grey one is not one of us, whatdyathink???

No sunhat? Great, I went bald young and now I have to burn my scalp too!

In desperation to get them out of the barn we fenced our lawn and got them out - with a heat light at night in the shed. It is still quite cold and they need it to be 20 C or 70 F........We have read in more than one place that turkeys look for a way to die until they are about 8 weeks when the suddenly become very hardy. Ours are 7 weeks old now.......Luckily the sun has come out every day since they've been out. We have a moveable pen built now so when we move them off our lawn (soon I hope) we will move the pen/turkey tractor around daily and then get them back to the house for night.....
They chirp and chirrup all day, and are quite funny in their gawky run arounds.....I'm not sure I'll be able to eat one!
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