Thursday, June 3, 2010

King Corn

So here we are watching King Corn again with some woofs on our farm. Along with Omnivore’s Dilemmna the message is clear. Subsidized corn makes for cheap food –from pop to hamburgers. Feeding corn to cows is bad – cows are grass eaters. Cows finished on feedlots with corn for too long become ill and have to medicated. A certain percentage of cows have abscessed livers from eating corn when they are slaughtered. YUCK. Corn is bad for cows. But to go further isn’t corn bad for humans too? Look at obesity and type 2 diabetes said to be lifestyle and diet related. Isn’t corn bad for us? Eating too much HFCS, corn, is bad for us…It is killing us and will cause the bankruptcy of the medical systems/governments. Caring for lifestyle related problems is costly. The government is subsidizing a cheap food and paying through the nose for the results. But can the system be changed? I’d like to think so but being consumer driven with big biz and big money involved - Shareholders, companies, stocks, bonds, futures, advertising, deals, …..MacDonalds, BurgerKing, KFC, Wendy’s ……death.


hillbilly jillies said...

Here Here!!!
It hurts the brain to think about it all and that it is so huge and far reaching that people would rather ignore and accept it's concequences, blindly thinking that the higher ups are taking care of us, than to take a stand and try to change it.
Eat local, a clear solution.

Andrew Mooers said...

Never thought about the corn vs grass scenario. Thanks for pointing that out. I grew up on a farm, own one and believe eating quality, local fresh food is the secret to longer, full living. Don't open your mouth if you don't know where the food came from.