Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love these books....

My kids are busy making mummies. Yep, Usborne rocks. Egyptian things to make and do. Step by step. Visual. Easy. No special supplies. They rock. My kids are in a FRENZY of crafting right now. Cards, crafts, ornaments - 4 or 5 craft books out on the table - with bits of paper flying everywhere.....and all over my floor. I LOVE IT!!!
This very second they are discussing what mummies are - we're also watching Egypt: Rediscovering the lost world - which is awesome as most BBC productions I've seen are!!! Story of the World (Audiobook)?? Youbetcha!! My kids love it right now! We listen in the car and when we get home they stay in the car for up to an HOUR to keep listening.....Did I mention we love USBORNE??? (Ok I didn't post this when I wrote it, but they WERE discussing mummies....and since I wrote this August made a sarcophagus and a paperchain of egyptian dancers...,.)
Earlier today we read "Butterflies and Moths" from the Beginner Series. They wanted to go to the internet links, so August did mazes and Sawyer made crazy bugs, we printed buttefly stuff to color. Holdy wanted a butterfly tab book. I love the fact that this one short yet well written book, with awesome photos and illustrations inspired so much interest and activity from my kids....
Did I mention I love Usborne books?? I'll shut up now.
UPDATE: Ok the big joke around here with the boys right now is that they all say they are going to be mummies (as in have babies to the uninitiated) about 100 years (as in Egypt)..... Ok it's funny when it comes from them :)

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