Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holdy Update

Well some may have wondered how Holden is. He's sick! He's still sick! (3 weeks - and noone else in the house is sick) And the doctors don't know what's wrong. After a series of blood tests (6 vials!) yesterday he was referred to a pediatrician an hour away on a stat holiday today. Which means hubby spent the day sitting in the ER next to sick people and drug addicts (Pediatric outpatients was closed). All day. His tests indicate there is a big inflamation somewhere but they have no idea where. Holdy is quite liking the "goodies" he gets after they take his blood -yesterday a pack of hotwheels "Not just one Mummy, a pack!" and today a big smartie cookie. Pretty soon he's gonna ask for needles! Anyways, we're hoping we get some answers, when we go back, again, on friday. sigh.


jugglingpaynes said...

Poor kiddo! I hope he feels better soon. I'll send some healing thoughts your way.

I've been looking around at your blog, enjoying your pictures and some of your stories. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I enjoyed visiting yours! (loved all the Halloween activities!)

Peace and Laughter,

Ronnie said...

Sending healing wishes your way. Get well, Holden!

anno said...

I really hope he feels better son, and that you find out that nothing serious is going on. It's so scary when our kids are sick and no one knows why.

Sending peace your way.

rae said...

Poor little guy! Sending healthy thoughts his way, and energy to you, Mama. Hang in there.