Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Real Food

Zuchinni Bread
Zuchinni muffins
Zuchini Pizza
Zuchinni Pancakes
Zuchini Tacos
Zuchini pasta sauce

Can you tell we have FAR too many zukes!?



anno said...

send me some :) I love zuch, and our garden was frozen out, then drowned. Sigh....

You don't know me, but I live in Edson AB, and have been readin gyour blog for 6 months or so. Thought I'd introduce myself. Anno. Mom to three unschoolin' littles.

Enjoy your blog. :)


MamaLou said...

Hi anno, welcome, so sorry about your garden....we are having outstanding weather here and NEED RAIN.....and our garden is NUTS!!! I'd love to send you some, I'm slowly drowning in zukes......luckily we're having a party today so all the people can eat grilled zukes! Do you have a blog??

anno said...

Sure do.

Come on by and give it a read sometime :)