Friday, July 31, 2009

Cherry Picking

We are lucky enough to have a UPICK organic cherry farm here in the valley. Not many people know of it but we do....we descended upon them last weekend. And picked and picked and picked. The kids had berries right at their height and they picked a LOT.
We did what people do when they come to our strawberry farm.....We picked 70 plus pounds and didn't have enough money!!!

I couldn't stop....just one more red berry!
And I looooooooove cherries. I used to eat them til I was sick when I was young.

I stuffed the jars, got the syrup in and ended up with 42 jars....which means we ate about oh 10-14 pounds :)
(Rule of thumb: 20 lbs does 15 quarts)
Have I mentionned the Organic Blueberry Farm yet? I've picked about 40 lbs there so far this year.....

The final product....My boys can go through 2 jars for desert so this is only 21 nights over the winter....Now on to peaches :) and tomatoes....and apple juice....

PS I have a new recipe for grilled zukes that includes balsamic vinegar and cheese......I'll give it a go and let you know!

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