Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Pests

Lice. Yep. Got the call from a close friend. They were infested. Checked my kids. Two had em. The two with long beautiful hair. Little Holdy with his new "Butt Cutt" was home free. I freaked. IN MY HOUSE THOSE ICKY THINGS!!! I head off to the Drugstore - apparently 3 out of 4 drugstores are closed on Sunday nights......and at the 4th I buy the "Lice Killing Shampoo" and a nit comb before heading home. To new kids. Two boys whose heads I haven't seen in years......They are SO handsome. And a hubby who reads the ingredients on the shampoo box and says "We won't spray this sh!t on our fields why would we apply it to their scalps???" DOH! Toxic stuff I tell ya in that bottle - the same insecticides as in agricultural pesticides. We nit comb and wash and get a mountain of laundry on the go. I send hubby out for an alternative....He comes home with Tea Tree Oil (THE MAGIC STUFF I TELL YAH!!!) by this time it's midnight and I'm exhausted. The next morning we nit comb, do more bedding laundry and quarantine parts of the house and all their dolls. I soak their heads in white conditioner mixed with Tea Tree Oil and don't wash it out. I do this every morning and night all week. Haven't had a nit since the first day and believe me when you are nit combing you and they can feel them coming off - it hurts! (nit=egg attached to hair) WE ARE CLEAN. (Hubby and I managed to stay free) I daresay we nipped this one in the bud. My friend, on the other hand, used the toxic stuff and is still fighting the bugs. She hasn't shaved her kid's head and is battling the bug.......hmmmmmm ORGANICS and cultural practices work in all aspects of your life not just on a farm!!

Overheard in the bathroom:

Holdy "Look! Mummy! It's a boy factory!" As his dad completed his head and beard shave to join the boys with their new look....

Sawyer "August, look at me, I look completely different. I LOOK LIKE AN ELF!!!"


mamak said...

Tea tree is amazing, and smells so very good! You have to post pics of the boys new do's!

MamaLou said...

I will soon! I already had Tea Tree Oil in my cabinet....but had no idea of all its uses!