Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Inc.

Food Inc. The Movie. Opening our eyes as to where our food comes from. Hopefully being released soon.....unless some agrifood business has lobbied hard enough......

Check out the interview with the director HERE

And further information about what YOU can do check out their article HERE

I am slowly but surely morphing into my mother. And though there are many many things I don't like about my mom.......I was lucky enough to have a mother with a HUGE veggie garden growing up. She worked full time, had two kids, a husband who didn't help at home and somehow she had this HUMUNGOUS garden. She processed and froze it all. When I don't know. I don't remember any weeds either. We ate our own veggies all winter, and had a canning shed full to the brim. So last night we harvested two 10 lb cauliflowers from our garden (check out photo with dwarfed wine bottle!), a basket of broccoli that will feed us for weeks. I blanched the veggies, froze on cookie sheets and tonight threw in ziplocs. I have 6 pounds of sugar snaps to process tonight. I need another freezer.

Did I mention I have a squash hedge. Hubby calls it a squash jungle. I will have enough spaghetti squash to feed the Valley? My tomatoes in the greenhouse are going nuts.....see photos in next post....

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